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60329 Frankfurt -

Kundenbetreuung Frankfurt

60329 Frankfurt
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The hiring company is a multinational consumer electronics company. 
They are committed to building their consumer electronics brands in the global marketplace, bringing leading-edge products with technological appeal to consumers worldwide through continuous innovation and promoting the beauty of smart manufacturing.
In German, they do photovoltaic products, for example, outdoor energy storage, and solar panels.



1. Pre-sales and after-sales customer service technical Q&A via call and email.
2. Collecting and analyzing customer feedback to solve customers' issues and improve the products at a technical level.
3. Writing pre-sales and after-sales standard FAQ documents (for internal and external customers), maintenance manuals, technical support manuals, etc.
4. Working closely with the sales team to ensure the successful closure of the sales process.



1. Fluent German listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, German as a working language. English and Chinses language skills are a plus.
2. Experience in the service industry & solar field is preferred. Excellent fresh graduates are encouraged to submit.
3. Complete technical training and further training as an electrical engineer or technologist. Being trained as a factory mechanic or electrical engineer is a plus.
4. Excellent communication skill and customer orientation.
5. Familiar with basic office software.

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