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Arbitration Specialist: Kerkrade

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Join the team that’s launching the world's first software platform that's fully integrated with a marketplace economy powered by its own currency, educational platform and transportation system.

As part of our global launch and rollout, we're seeking to rapidly fill positions in preparation for the upcoming academic year.



Arbitration Specialist responsibilities:

As an Arbitration Specialist, you'll:

  • Be fully trained by us to do this job well; no specific work experience required

  • Manage buyer expectations and auction arbitration issues

  • Participate in the establishment, enforcement and updating of arbitration guidelines

  • Evaluate process flows including and share/suggest process improvements

  • Participate in establishment and enforcement of corporate policies, procedures and best practices

  • Review brand related service activities

  • Participate in the performance of other duties and projects as assigned



no specific work experience required

English a must, other languages welcome

Interview via Skype

PERSPEKTIVEN / Zusatz-Informationen



  • Ground-floor opportunity in an exciting technology start-up

  • Cutting edge technology already awarded many patents by the U.S government

  • Company stock options available for top performers



Upon receiving your application, if qualified you'll be provided with exclusive access to the alpha product.


How much does it pay?

$65,000 per year based on full-time focus; proportional for part-time. Other products and compensation terms and details apply.

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nur für eingeloggte Mitglieder
nur für eingeloggte Mitglieder
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Jobsuche auf Rekruter in 475.886 Jobs

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