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Guide Supervisor Kerkrade

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We invite you to Join our team that’s launching the world's first software platform that's fully integrated with an educational platform , marketplace economy powered by its own currency and transportation system.

We're seeking to rapidly fill positions in preparation for the upcoming academic year as part of our global launch and rollout.



Work from your own home and as a guide manager you will

  • Be trained, by us, to help you to do this job well
  • Planning and organizing their work schedule to provide authorized job coaching service hours to all assigned Campus Guides
  • Establishing and maintaining a positive, professional working relationship
  • Supporting and providing initial on the job training to the Guides
  • Ensuring the quality of all work performed meeting expectations
  • Supervising Guides to ensure appropriate behavior and interactions with other Guides
  • Acting in such a manner to present an example of a appropriate working behaviors to consumers at all times
  • Demonstrating the organization's Vision, Mission and Core Values on a daily basis
  • A Guide Supervisor is a mandated reporter of suspected abuse and will following all guidelines established to meet this requirement
  • Performing other duties as assigned



No former experience needed.

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If qualified you are going to be provided with exclusive access to the alpha product.

Other product and compensation terms and details apply.

Job Type: Commission

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nur für eingeloggte Mitglieder
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