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doctoral scholarship Dresden

Technische Universität Dresden
01067 Dresden, 0
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The Boysen - TU Dresden - Research Training Group for Young Researchers from the Engineering, Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, co-financed by the Friedrich and Elisabeth Boysen Foundation and Technische Universität Dresden, offers one

doctoral scholarship

for a period of three years starting as soon as possible.
The interdisciplinary Research Training Group Mobility in flux - Challenges and solutions for technology, environment and society consists of four Clusters .

In Cluster A New Materials for the Transformation of Traffic the project A3: Experimental Investigation of particle loaded Flow in a Pulsation Reactor in the discipline Engineering Sciences is advertised.

Alternative synthetic energy carriers will increasingly replace fossil fuels. The production and storage of this energy carriers requires novel and adapted materials, e.g. catalysts or mixed oxides for fuel cells. These materials can be favourable produced in pulsation reactors. Within the scope of this project, the production process will be investigated in an experimental reactor, to calibrate and validate numerical simulations. For this purpose a multisensor measuring system has to be developed, build up and put into operation to measure flow field, pressure and temperature. With this setup varying material and process parameter has to be studied.

If you have any questions, please contact Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Stefan Odenbach: .

Applicants are expected to have an outstanding university degree and a high level of willingness for interdisciplinary work and research. Common premises will be provided. The receipt of the scholarship obliges the student to be present at the Research Trainings Group's premises on three fixed core days per week. Participation in the Research Training Group's teaching programme is obligatory. Training and qualification opportunities are offered (e.g. project management, soft skills, language courses).

Applications from women are particularly welcome. The same applies to people with disabilities.
Your application must include a letter of motivation, a CV, copies of academic certificates or other relevant qualifications (language certificates, further education). In addition, a text sample of max. 10 pages must be added (essay, graduation thesis, publication). Please send your application by May 14th, 2019 (stamped arrival date of the university central mail service applies) with the subject "Boysen - TUD Dresden Research Training Group" preferably as an E-Mail via the TU Dresden SecureMail Portal as a single pdf file to or to TU Dresden, Fakultät Maschinenwesen, Institut für Mechatronischen Maschinenbau, Professur für Magnetofluiddynamik, Mess- und Automatisierungstechnik, Herrn Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Stefan Odenbach, Helmholtzstr. 10, 01069 Dresden. Please submit copies on

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