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Netzwerk engineer

Aktuelle Tätigkeit Network engineer
Aktuelle Position Mitarbeiter
Gesuchte Anstellung Angestellt (Fest), Angestellt (Befristet), Freier Mitarbeiter
Gesuchte Region 8,international
Wohnort 81371 München
Alter 42
Datum Update 19.07.2017

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I am a network specialist with the task and driving force to let the network environment perform as optimal, efficient and autonomous as possible. In my work I continuously endeavor to improve myself. I take my job seriously, have a sense of responsibility, value quality and work precisely. I am str..


Aktuelle Tätigkeit Softwareentwickler
Aktuelle Position Mitarbeiter
Gesuchte Anstellung Angestellt (Fest)
Gesuchte Region 7
Wohnort 22036 ERBA
Alter 32
Datum Update 08.06.2018

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I am a computer scientist. I am a meticulous, analytic and flexible person with a passion for programming. I am currently looking for an opportunity which will allow me to enhance my professional growth through new challenges in a dynamic environment. I wish to move to southern Germany with my girlf..

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